50CELEBRATION for our 50th North Carolina Store!

There’s a Sheetz Blitz going on right now in NC! We’re introducing 10 new Sheetz stores there this year. The grand opening for our 50th North Carolina store, #505 in Wake Forest, was a biggie. As you know, we’re committed to growth in North Carolina. In addition to new stores, we’ll be holding our groundbreaking for our new distribution center in Burlington, NC, later this year. With hard work and excellent total customer focus, our employees there have introduced the Sheetz experience to North Carolina customers and opened up a great new market for us! All North Carolina stores wore commemorative “50 and Counting” t-shirts and offered customers free self-serve beverages on opening day in recognition of this milestone about the Manager Sean Poole, who previously led four-time District Store of the Year Store #391, Greenville, NC, started as a salesperson at Sheetz just six years ago. He brought along one of his assistant managers from Greenville, Katie Troup, to open up Store #505, Wake Forest, NC. Katie also got her start as a sales associate, relocating from Pennsylvania and moving her way up in Greenville. “Katie’s wonderful,” Sean said. “She’s done a great job training the rest of the management staff.” 

Good luck to Sean and the rest of the new employees at Store #505!


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  1. Congradulations on the successuful expansion further into North Carolina. Keep up the good work!

  2. Marc Collins says:

    It was announced a couple months ago that Sheetz would be building a store in Roanoke Rapids, NC, opening sometime in 2015. Has there been a change in plans, as there are some now saying it’s not going to happen. We NEED a Sheetz here to give the locals some competition!

  3. Karen Mack says:

    My husband & I relocated from PA to New London, NC & have heard that there may be a new store built near us on Rt 49 at Badin Lake. Is that the case? We would love to work there p/t while we enjoy our retirement!

  4. Coleby hollis says:

    I’m fans of Sheetz in Greenville NC when I work there to eat at Sheetz for lunch time so hopefully to have one in Williamston NC where I live there.

  5. Heard Sheetz was going to build a new store at exit 87 off I95 at Four Oaks NC is that true.

  6. Debbie Cooke says:

    We are in need of Sheetz in Ohio! Our city is opening Up 2 new restaurants and a hotel. We have only 2 convenience stores and are in desperate need of a Sheetz!!!!! We own the perfect area that is approximately 5 blocks. (132 ft. X 44 per lot!!!!!!!!). Our location is in Ironton, ohio.!!!!please call 740-534-2456!!!!ask for Mike Fannin…..

  7. larry wilson says:

    I would like Sheetz to check out, 297 minute market,Bedford Va.24523-2141. thanks

  8. LJ Abbott says:

    Dear Sheetz family , Please consider a beautiful Sheetz sore in Asheville. We would all be so thankful )

  9. Adam says:

    Please open some stores in Northern VA!! We have horrible gas stations down here! None of them are updated, most provide you with any reason to actually work into the store and most are not even open late or early in the morning. You guys would crush this market! The area would have no idea what hit them

  10. Steph says:

    Need a Sheetz in or near Charlotte, NC! Please!

  11. Katie says:

    I grew up in Western Pa where Sheetz originated. When I moved to NC I was upset there were none in the area. After a few short years they started opening Sheetz during that time I got several of my friends and co-workers addicted to them. I was excited to hear that a new one is opening this Spring closer to where I live! Thank You Sheetz the staff are always pleasant.

  12. Wayne. says:

    hanks for building in Roanoke rapids North carolina. Enjoy shoppning at Sheetz

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