Welcome to Sheetz

Hurricane WV

 Store Manager, Patricia Stanely, of store #467 in Hurricane, WV got her start at Sheetz Three years ago as an assistant manager. She is now ready to tackle all the challenges of a new store. Her assistant management team Heather Ancell and Darien Brown are a great duo that works well together. Heather has been working at Sheetz for the past three years, while Darien a new face to Sheetz, started and has been continuing his assistant manager training for the past two months. Heather has helped out a great amount with the training of employees and of her partner Darien. This is one of the few Sheetz stores that truly did have a fresh start, having no employees from other stores to lead the way. Patricia and her assistants were picky about who they chose for their team and didn’t receive all of their employees until July 12. With a majority of her staff being employed by Sheetz for less than 10 weeks, Patricia couldn’t believe the results she was seeing from her team.“They are all absolutely wonderful, and I am amazed on how they all came together. They all have a great friendship and it is nice to see how they have connected with one another as friends and as a Sheetz family,” Patricia said. Patricia talked about how her store will be helping the Hurricane High School football team promote their season this fall and feels honored to do so.“Football is a big deal around here,” Patricia said. Patricia is excited for the challenge of having the only drive-thru store in her area. She was also focused on accomplishing the task of hiring and training her employees in under ten weeks. She is now ready to continue teaching her staff customer service, quality assurance and everything they need to know about the Sheetz culture! Good luck and congratulations to Patricia and her team!

Welcome to Sheetz

Cranberry, PA

 For the past eight years, Nicole Krupa has worked her way through each promotion tobecome the new manager of store #521 in Cranberry, PA. Nicole began working at Sheetz as a salesperson in high-school and continued her Sheetz career while attending college at Slipper Rock University. Over time, she was promoted to shiftsupervisor, assistant manager and now manager. Nicole’s assistant management team also began as salespeople. Kyle Kopac and Ben Barch have been working at Sheetz for four and two years respectively. The overall team at store #521 is very energetic and loves to laugh and have fun. However, Nicole stated, “They are very hard workers and get along really well, displaying a great sense of family and teamwork. “The residents of the Cranberry area are eager for the new store to open. Nicole and her District Manager have been approached by the community’s Chairman of the Board, speaking out about the excitement the town is feeling. Currently there is not too much around the store other than homes, but Nicole said new industrial parks are being built close by, which should bring in more traffic. Nicole is excited for the overall experience of a new store. She realizes there may be some bumps in the road, but believes it will be nice to see how they all handle it as a team and how they will grow and learn together.


34 Responses to Grand Opening

  1. CLYDE BISHOP says:


    • Shannon.Mills says:

      You are very welcome! Thanks for the appreciation of our fine food! :) Yes, we are building a store on Simpson Ferry where the old strip mall was! Very exciting location for us! Make sure you have your Weis and Sheetz Loyalty Cards ready to go for those fuel perks while you’re getting some great eats! We should be up and running there by Christmas!

      • Chrystina says:

        Regarding the store going up on Simpson Ferry, how would I be able to apply for a position at that location?

        • You will need to stay on this website go to job openings, and then go to store level positions, and then find the Simpson Ferry location! Best of luck Chrystina!

        • You will need to visit the job openings tab on this website (sheetzjobz.com) and find the location that you would like to apply at. Also you can create a member profile so that you will be alerted when jobs become available.

      • MacKenzie Glaze says:

        There is a new store location being built in town I don’t see where I can apply. There is a sign up but the new location is not listed yet for Martinsburg WV. Please Help! Thank you.

        • Meghan Counsman says:

          Hello MacKenzie! Sorry for the delay. Please go to and choose Sheetz Store Locations, your position, then job location. Martinsburg, WV will be an option.

          Thank you!

    • You’re welcome! Thank you for continuing to spread your love for Sheetz!

  2. Ronald B.Parker says:

    Please look at adding one more to intersection of Hwy.64 Alt. and Meadowbrook Rd. in RockyMount,NC. 27801. We have 3 already and they are all on the other side of town. Have a Bojangles at this location. Sheetz has great food and service at all our locations.

  3. kadie says:

    We have been hearing for months now we will be getting a new sheetz in the coraopolis area (15108) at the coraopolis heights / hassam rd intersection. Really hoping it is true!

  4. Heather Meder says:

    I live in Brooklyn, Ohio and was curious about when available positions for the new Sheetz being built on Tiedeman Avenue will be on the website to apply?

    Thank you

  5. joan shafer says:

    Really happy to be getting a SHEETZ in Goldsboro NC. have tried to put applications in online but it won’t let me finish.

  6. I m interested in applying for a position at the new store in roxboro nc. I am unable to apply online how do I applyfor that store?

    • Marcia,

      We only have online applications. If you do not have a computer we suggest visiting a local library as well as asking a friend to use their computer. To apply online visit sheetzjobz.com, go to job openings and find the roxboro location you are interested in.

  7. Donovan Allen says:

    I clicked the wrong thing on my application and will not let me fix i meant to say no but clicked ok. Can anybody fix this please. Donovan Allen is my name and I applied at the Roxboro Location

  8. jerry rozier says:

    I was interested in the new store you were opening at main st in high point and was wondering if all positions had been filled yet . thank you jerry rozier

    • Jerry,

      Please visit http://www.sheetzjobz.com, and click on the “Apply Here” link. From there you will be able to search locations by zip code. You will be able to apply to any of the locations within the zip code. All applications stay in our system for 60 days. After 60 days you are eligible to reapply. Best of luck in your future!

      Thank you for your interest in Sheetz!

  9. I Wilkerson says:

    When will the Sheetz in Roxboro NC open up?

  10. Rob says:

    When will the sheets on the corner of westchester and Lexington open in high point, nc

  11. Yanick Dee says:

    When will you guy be doing interviews for the Roxboro Nc location?

  12. Lisa C says:

    I applied for a position at the Sheetz in Roxboro N.C.I was wondering if they have started doing any hiring yet

    • Meghan Counsman says:

      Hello Lisa,
      Thank you for your interest in Sheetz! They have started interviewing for the Roxboro location. If your application matches the needs of the store, a manager will reach out to you.

      Thanks again!

  13. Ray says:

    I noticed a new Sheetz is under construction in the intersection of Mills Drive (Rt. 17) and Hospital Blvd. in Fredericksburg, VA. I would like to apply for that location. I don’t see that location available under job openings. Is there an estimated time when the job openings will become available for this location? When’s the expected Grand Opening? Thanks.

    • Meghan Counsman says:

      Hello Ray,
      The Grand Opening for that store is expected to be around the second week of June. We currently are hiring for that location. Once you start the application process online, you will choose the position followed by your location of choice. After selecting Virgina – Fredricksburg, click on the FREDERICKSBURG (9825 HOSPITAL BOULEVARD) link to complete your application. Hope this helps!

      Thank you for you interest in Sheetz!

  14. John G says:

    I would like to congratulate The Sheetz Family on continuing expansion in North Carolina. My question is why not in my
    town of Sanford, NC? Our is a lovely town and has the population to support a new Sheetz location. As a member of The Sheetz Family, I can only use my membership when I travel.Please take us under consideration in your future plans of expansion in this area.

  15. Stephanie says:

    There is a new one being built right off on Winchester Ave. on RT 11 in Martinsburg WV but, I do not see how to apply for that one. How do I apply for that one?

    • Meghan Counsman says:

      Hello Stephanie!

      Thank you for your interest in Sheetz! Please go to http://www.sheetzjobz.com and click on “Apply Now” – Scroll down to Store Level Positions and click “here” to apply. Once you are in the application, click on Sheetz Store Locations. You will then be able to choose your position and location (by state, city and then street address).

      Let us know if you have any questions!

  16. Tina Breeden says:

    I am interested in a job at the Sheetz that is being built in Ripley WV please contact me,

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