As Founder Bob Sheetz built this company, he realized how important it was to bring the values of sharing what he learned as a child to the workplace. He knew that sharing these values with our employees was the key to building a strong brand—one that our employees could be proud of and one that our customers could trust to be there when they needed us most.

Corporately, we donate hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to the charities we hold dear. Sheetz Family Charities is one of our two corporate charities (the other is Special Olympics). Money raised for Sheetz Family Charities supports the For the Kidz Holiday Event and The Make-A-Wish Foundation.


3 Responses to Sheetz Family Charities

  1. Dean Freeland says:

    Really love Sheetz since it came to North Carolina! More is better & so ur building ur empire up.The food is great & priced reasonable.We wanted to make a tiny complaint though…why did u discontinue pesto on the menu??? That was not the best decision to replace it with boom-boom sauce…??!! Give us pesto or give us nothing!

  2. Tracy Wells says:

    I know I missed the sign up dates with the Salvation Army for help for Christmas this year.I wanted to know if there’s other church organizations or businesses who offers help.I’m a divorced mom with full custody of my kids.I’m not getting any child support from my ex.Things are tight this year.Thank you.

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